Speak Up Be Safe (SUBS)

This program has only been in effect here in Utah for less than a year but it has been wildly successful.  Parents, students, and teachers are all talking about what a wonderful program it has been and will hopefully continue to be.

Here's a short clip from Good Day Utah:


To learn more about how to make this program available in your local school please contact us here. You can also download this PDF to read an introduction to the Speak Up Be Safe (SUBS) program.


"I have to tell you that the course materials I presented from walked the perfect fine line necessary regarding these delicate issues.  As a parent, I am very cautious about what is taught to my children, and there is nothing in this material that causes me any concern.  But it still is able to properly communicate to the children the important issues of abuse and what they should do about it.  I can't think of anything I would change about the materials I presented from."
- Parent & Presenter


"I thought the parents who presented this program were very well prepared and were very careful to use the right words so that nothing could be misunderstood!  I feel like a program like this is so needed in the schools because our students need to know that we care about their safety and can speak up to us teachers and those who care for them! Thanks for your hard work!"
- 1st Grade Teacher @ Riverton


"I have a third grader and I feel like he has been more open to ask me about certain phrases or topics that was discussed in this program and doesn't seem embarrassed and it seems like he feels comfortable to talk about it since it was presented in a way that it is okay to discuss.  We have always had open communication about these topics in our home, but having even another opportunity for him to hear it -especially along side his peers, is so great. I love this program!"
- 3rd Grade Presenter

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